Discover how online learning with CTY can help your child explore, get ahead, and be challenged


CTY offers 170-plus online courses in flexible formats guided by expert instructors who specialize in teaching advanced concepts to bright elementary, middle, and high school students. 

CTY online courses are accredited, which is important if your child is seeking credit or placement at school. Students must qualify for all of our courses through testing


Our courses are offered year-round and are designed to enrich and accelerate your academically advanced learner in areas where they show the strongest abilities


Nathaniel loves math and he loves school. And thanks to CTY Online, he’s learning advanced concepts like probability and graphing in CTY Online’s Honors Pre-Algebra course and working at a faster, more challenging pace than his peers.

“Math at my school is easy for me and I wanted to do something harder,” said Nathaniel, 11. 

“My CTY Online math classes challenge me at a much higher level and help me fully grasp new concepts, not just learn the basics.”


Sofia can't wait to sit and read. Inside or outside, it doesn’t matter, as long as she’s reading. Not long ago, Sofia, who is 10, was feeling unchallenged at school. Because she lives in a rural area, there weren’t many nearby options for enrichment. She was glad when her mother enrolled her in a CTY Online grammar course last summer.

“Learning with CTY Online fed my yearning for new words to add to my vocabulary. The instructor was supportive and accommodating and incorporated games into the lessons to make them more fun and interactive.”


Sawyer’s favorite subjects at school are math and science. For fun, he studies Chinese at home with CTY Online Programs. 

“I’m fascinated by Chinese language and culture and I’d like to go to China one day,” said Sawyer, 12. “When I go I know it would be at least 10 times easier to know even a little bit of Chinese.”

Sawyer likes the ease of taking courses from the comfort of his room. “Chinese is challenging—it’s not something you can only think about once a week. You have to keep up with it.”

More About CTY Programs

+ Choosing Courses

CTY’s online courses are designed to enrich and accelerate students in areas where they show the strongest abilities. The appropriate course depends on a student’s previous educational background, not necessarily age or grade. Visit cty.jhu.edu/online for prerequisites and eligibility requirements for each course, and information about placement tests.

+ Enrollment

Students establish eligibility for CTY’s online courses by achieving qualifying scores on one of our designated assessments. Students may enroll at any time for individually paced courses and begin their courses shortly thereafter. For session-based course start dates and enrollment deadlines, visit cty.jhu.edu/online.

+ Tuition

Tuition ranges from $375 to $2,305, based on length and type of course selected, and is subject to change. Visit cty.jhu.edu/online for information about tuition, fees, and refund policy.

+ Affording CTY

CTY is committed to making our programs available to qualified students and offers need-based financial aid to families of limited financial means. Most aid is designated for income-eligible U.S. families. Visit cty.jhu.edu/financial for details.

+ Textbooks and Technical Requirements

Many courses list specific technical requirements. Some courses may require the purchase of textbooks or other materials. Review individual course descriptions at cty.jhu.edu/online for details.

+ Accommodations for Students

CTY is committed to providing reasonable, appropriate, and necessary accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. For more information, visit cty.jhu.edu/disability.

+ Accreditation

CTY is accredited for students in grades K through 12 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All CTY Online Programs AP courses are approved by the College Board, and select courses are approved by the NCAA. See cty.jhu.edu/online for details.

+ Credit and Placement

Some families work with schools to gain credit for their child’s work with CTY. We recommend that families who wish to seek credit or placement for their CTY online course begin this process with their child's school before enrolling. Visit cty.jhu.edu/online for more information.


Call us at 410-735-6166 or email ctyonline@jhu.edu to discuss which CTY online course is right for your child.