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Season One


Episode 01: Under

CTY's Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development Jonathan Plucker talks with Dr. Michael Matthews, Program Director for the Academically/Intellectually Gifted graduate programs at UNC Charlotte, about the problem of underachievement among very bright children and how parents and teachers can help motivate underachieving students.


Episode 04:
Special High Schools

What’s the day to day experience like for students at a high school designed to challenge advanced learners, and what are the benefits and drawbacks to attending one? Dr. Julia Link Roberts, the Executive Director of The Center for Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University, helps CTY’s Jonathan Plucker answer these questions, and discusses her own experience starting a special high school.


episode 02:
Screen Time

NPR's Anya Kamenetz, author of "The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life," talks with CTY's Jonathan Plucker about the promise and pitfalls of digital media for very bright kids, and offers advice on what parents can do to help make screen time positive and productive for their child.


Episode 05:
ment of
Bright Students

Dr. Antonia Szymanski, an Associate Professor of Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University, joins us for an exploration of affective learning, the social and emotional issues and strengths most commonly associated with giftedness, and how parents can help bright kids manage emotional challenges.


episode 03:

Megan Foley Nicpon, counseling psychology professor at the University of Iowa and researcher at the Belin-Blank Center, joins CTY's Jonathan Plucker for a wide-ranging discussion of twice-exceptional learners, including what “twice-exceptional” (or “2e”) means, the unique barriers and challenges 2e students face, and how their needs differ from those of other high-ability learners.

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