40 for the 40th

2019 marks CTY’s 40th birthday! To celebrate, we're inviting CTY alumni across the globe to join us for 40 CTY-themed gatherings throughout 2019. Whether you’re interested in hosting an alumni lunch, an Ultimate Frisbee game, or a “Starcrash” viewing party, you can sign up to host your own unique CTY gathering using the form below. Let’s make 2019 a celebration of CTY culture and our 40 years of helping bright kids shine!

Tag your gathering on social: #CTY40for40


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Alumni — share photos from your events!


Help us spread the word! Take a photo of someone holding the 40 for 40th sign (available for download here) at your gathering and share if you use social media using #CTY40for40. Or email your photos to: ctyalumni@jhu.edu and we’ll add them to our slideshow.



+ What counts as a gathering?

At least three CTY alumni getting together for a meal or an activity.

+ How do I sign up to attend a gathering?

View the calendar to check out our currently planned get-togethers and RSVP if you’d like to attend. Some gatherings have an RSVP fee attached to cover costs.

+ How do I host a gathering?

If you have an idea for an event, sign up to host and add it to the list of events! If you would like CTY to help you reach out to area alumni for your event, email us at ctyalumni@jhu.edu.

+ What if I want to host a private gathering?

That’s fine, too! Be sure to take a photo of your group and tag it #CTY40for40, or email us at ctyalumni@jhu.edu, and we’ll count it towards our goal.

+ Who pays for the gathering?

Some gatherings have a ticket price associated to cover costs. Unfortunately, CTY is unable to provide financial support for gatherings. However, your get-together doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. You can ask guests to bring dishes or chip in, or go for a no-cost option like meeting up in a park. Passionfruit at dawn, anyone?

+ Can I bring my kids?

We’re excited to connect second-generation CTYers (and future CTYers)! Each gathering will be slightly different, so check each listing for more information about which are family-friendly.